Interview with Surfeuze, First 80 in Guild Wars 2


Q: Now tell us a little bit about your in-game self! I see you chose the elementalist. Can you tell us what attunement and weapon set you favored while leveling?

It’s hard to say what attunement I favored, because each one is important; as an elementalist, I need to adapt to every situation by choosing the right attunement. Each one has its particularities and each one is essential! If I were to keep only one, it would be the fire attunement. I mostly played with a staff, which casts mainly AoE skills.

Q: What about your trait build? Did any of it change much as you leveled or did you stick to the same set-up?

I spent my trait points in the air and fire trait lines. I decided to use the following major traits:

Fire line: /Pyromancer’sAlacry/Pyromancer’s Puissance/.

Air line: /Zephyr’s Boon/Arcane Lightening in the/.

others:/Elemental Attunement/ Blasting Staff/.

Q: Did you make use of the XP boosts from the gem store or any other consumables?

We used something like ten XP boosts, and a few Craft boosts, and only from levels 40 to 80. We also used some cooking consumables that you can buy in Queensdale.

Q: When you went out into the world, did you run solo or did you have a group? Did you find one or the other "better" for speed leveling?

As said in the news on our website, I ran with 3 other guildmates: Denpxc, Muji and Tiphaine. As promised by Arena Net, Guild Wars 2 is really a game made for groups and socializers: it’s way faster to play in group than to play solo, contrary to most of the other games; in Guild Wars 2, another player represents help, not encumbrance.

Which of the crafting disciplines did you find the easiest to level? Which ones would you consider the hardest in regards to materials needed and cost of said materials?

Cooking is certainly one of the easiest to level … At least the first 200 levels! The next 200 levels are way harder, because you need all the materials to discover recipes, and there’s so many of them that you don’t even have enough place in your bag … Moreover when you gather a “vegetable root” for example, you can’t be sure of what you will get from it, so as a chief you must adapt to this randomness : you may need a particular item to pursue your crafting, and you can’t even find it … Jewelry is also a hard one to level, because of the need of gems that also appears randomly in ores/trees when you gather other materials. The 6 other crafting are way similar in their mechanics.


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  • By Гость (not verified)

    Вот изза такого задротства и умирают, а потом все на игры списывают. Не вижу смысла задрачивать до максимума, надо же получить удовольствие во время кача

    Sep 3. 2012
  • By Балалаечник (not verified)

    я не вижу задротства. просто хороший игрок, а тебя зависть видно гложет, что ты так играть не можешь.

    Sep 3. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    чо все заладили задрот!красава игрок!пускай и девушка (что странно лично меня хотя Х) Все кто ноют что надо получать удовольствие от раскача простые крабы. Лично для меня MMORPG, а в частности GW2 это игры созданные для пвп(самое хорошее пвп на хайлевле), а по крабить можно и в скайриме. P.S. Сам как куплю GW2 постараюсь как можно скорее апнуть 80 лвл...

    Sep 3. 2012
  • By margent (not verified)

    Здесь из PvP только WwWwW - и если для для вас это делает игру PvP направленной, то вы ни хрена не понимаете в играх. Не смешите народ. С какого перепуга получение удовольствия от процесса игры и сюжета является крабством? Вы вообще, понимаете термины которыми опирируете? Скройтесь лучше, чистый бред несете.

    Sep 6. 2012
  • By regwg (not verified)

    I'm surprised he's able to type. I thought he should be on life support right now. Anyway, grats!

    Sep 3. 2012
  • By ergaeg (not verified)

    He said "we" a bit, and i wonder if he means he and his guildies, or that maybe someone else was taking a turn and leveling that character while Jeremy rested.Or perhaps both. Either way, congrats to Surfeuze! He still has 20 levels left to explore, and now everything is open to him

    Sep 3. 2012
  • By drfgsg (not verified)

    Congrats to Surfeuze and his guild. I would say this is more of a level 80 collaborative first (as world firsts often are in most MMOs). The first level 80 solo players will probably be today or tomorrow, if they haven't happened already? Also - in before complaints about rushing/missing the experience/nobody cares/etc.

    Sep 3. 2012