How to Use Guild Wars 2 WvW Rifle Build for Warrior

Players of Guild Wars 2 must have watched the video of sniping rifle warrior in US server. It is really exciting to see the 10,000 damage caused by a casual critical hit. Today I will recommend you a rifle build for warrior. It is really violent. Critical hit rate reaches 99% in full fury. Below is the experience from Masquared Tusbasa of Sor Server.


Hello everyone, I am Masquared Tsubasa of Sor Server. I am interested in playing Elementalist who snipers and commander.


Today I will introduce you the traits of sniper who bursts continuously in full fury. In my test, after sniper’s burst, except level 80 warriors, other classes will be insta-gibbed in very high rate. Elementalist has almost 90% chance to be insta-gibbed (damage is about 13,000-23,000, and few Elementalists can avoid being insta-gibbed). After killing Elementalist, your wind direction will be changed rapidly (Elementalist is very strong in controlling wind direction).


Main weapons are Rifle + Great Sword

Why do I take Great Sword?

It is actually used as a transportation and position tool.


Traits: 20/20/0/0/30

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Strength 20

Berserker's Power: Increase damage by 12% at max stage

Great Fortitude: 5% of power is given as a bonus to vitality


Arms 20

Deep Cuts: 33% chance to break arms in critical hit (Bleeds you apply last 50% longer).

Crack Shot: Rifle and harpoon gun shots pierce. Rifle and harpoon gun skills recharge 20% faster.


Discipline 30

Heightened Focus: Gain a 9% critical-hit chance at max stage

Signet Mastery: Signets recharge 20% faster.

Quick Bursts: Burst skills recharges 20% faster.


Why do I choose these traits?

This is related with rune collocation and skill usage.


Many may ask why not use Quickness with 30 accuracy since you are going to insta-gib.

Because it’s in WvW and it’s easy to be killed if you rush forward. So I don’t think Quickness is useful. And burst is easily to be missed. And its accuracy is good enough. It’s not necessary to stack any more accuracy.


The reason why there are 20 strength is that there are plenty of transmutations (about 1,500-2,000) when there is high strength and full with runes. And it can stack attribute. So there is bonus if you use transmutation stones. Since the critical hit rate of Burst is 90%, there’s no need to invest accuracy.


Socket Skills:

Healing skill: healing skill with initialization. It’s the most healing skill and relies a lot on fury.

Skill 1: Signet of Accuracy-Passive: Regenerate fury immediately

Skill 2: for great justice

Skill 3: take no damage for 5 seconds

Elite skill: Signet


Equip Attributes:

It’s the whole set of Berserker and Berserker trinket. In the attributes value, 9% critical hit should be added. Burst has 95% critical hit rate with full fury.



Equip Runes:

Superior Rune of Rage

1. + 2% critical hit damage

2. + 20% fury lasting time

3. + 3% critical hit damage

4. + 5% chance of being given 30 seconds’ Fury (CD: 60 seconds)

5. + 5% critical hit damage

6. + 5% critical hit damage in fury


Great Sword:

Superior Sigil of Bloodlust

+10 Power each time you kill a foe. (Max 25 stacks and ends on down)



Superior Sigil of Force

+ 5% damage


Rune is the essence of the trait. The key point of the skill collocation is enabling elite skill and for great justice immediately when the CD is over will keep your fury full. So you have to use the last stat of the rune + 5% damage in fury effectively. This is the only rune which can provide as high as 15% critical hit damage.


During the combat, Signets will be used as long as the CD is over. It’s meaningless if there’s + 40 accuracy on each Signet. There’s no need for accuracy at this point of time. The accuracy of trait and rune and fury will ensure 90% critical hit rate of Rifle’s Burst. And the CD is 8 seconds.


As for food, you can choose level 80 Curry Soup which can + 100 accuracy and + 10% critical hit damage. Use level 80 Transmutation Stones which transmute HP and defense into strength. Stack about Atk 3,900+, critical hit rate +85%, critical hit damage +116% (it only shows 111%)


Is this article helpful? You can comment below if you have any thoughts.

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