GW2 Guide: The Often Ignored Methods of Getting EXP


Guild Wars 2 have more methods to help advance your character than many MMOs have much later in their overall life cycle.



Crafting can not only help you create useful items, such as armor, weapons, dyes, upgrades, and consumbables, but will also grant you experience. Even gathering the necessary metals, cloth, wood, and plants used in crafting grants XP, so is well worth your time!




While most types of food will help improve your effectiveness in combat in some way, you can also gain a boost to XP earned from killing creatures. Needless to say, you’ll want to make sure to keep some food on hand at all times.



Jumping Puzzles

Jumping puzzles are explorable areas found out in the world that offer players a unique challenge, provide a reward chest upon completion, and even have their own achievement category. Most are found in difficult to reach, or less obvious locations, but are well worth your time to go out and discover.



Map Completion

Each zone or map in GW2 has a number of activities you can complete, each providing some XP along the way. Completing all of the objectives on a given map will also reward you with a nice boost to XP and some additional rewards such as items to use in the Mystic Forge, or even consumable items that will help boost your XP gain for a brief period.



World versus World

World versus World is far more than an interesting PvP diversion in GW2. You can literally advance your character solely in WvW if you’d like, complete with obtaining gear upgrades, skill points, and more.



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