Caledon Forest Guide:Five Hard Skill Challenge


The Waterfall Skill Challenge (Commune)

This one is a bit tricky and a bit simple. As a commune point without any enemies around, it’s actually pretty easy just to walk up and grab. The tricky part is that you’ll need to jump up a small bit of terrain to get to it. I approached it like most things in GW2, pointed my character around the base of the ground, and began jumping feverishly. That got me up to the skill challenge in no time. The vista on the other side actually shows you the skill challenge.


Morgan’s Orchid Skill Challenge (Inventory Item)

This one is a simple inventory item skill challenge. You’ll head to Morgan’s Spiral where there is a plant at the bottom of the tree. Simply interact with it to get an item in your inventory. Use that item and you’ll have completed this skill challenge. Really simple stuff. Both of these can be completed effortlessly at level 2.


Defeat the Thorn Wolf Scariel and Its Pack Skill Challenge (Combat)

To start with, speak with Warden Spy Alarin in order to get transported past the Briarthorn Den Entrance. Once inside, proceed to the skill challenge and activate it. A veteran wolf and two allies spawn and you simply must defeat them to claim victory and your skill point. There isn't any enemies to fight in the camp other than these, so it's actually pretty easy. You can also trap them in the hut and AoE all three down without much effort.


Defeat the Knight of Sorrows and Her Attendants (Combat)

This one is close to the level 50 dungeon in the zone. You’ll want to activate the skill point beside the tree called “Powerful Darkness” and get ready to face a Veteran Knight of Sorrows and two Attendants of Sorrows. She is level 14, so be ready for a rather difficult fight. There is a lot of enemies nearby too who hit hard, even at level 50 I had a bit of difficulty with this one.


Krait Alter Skill Challenge (Commune)

Time to go for a swim! This one is underwater and rather simple. Go to the skill point and swim down, under the krait slavers village and continue going all the way down, until you reach the floor. It’ll be right there ready for you to commune with it. The next one is easy to get to from here, just go to the surface and swim south.



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