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Official Response: Drop Rate of Legendary Precursors

After the latest patch of Guild Wars 2, players found the drop rate of legendary precursors reduced. And they doubt if ArenaNet made changes on this. There’s an official response posted on the website:



We’ve seen players discussing the topic of crafting legendary precursor weapons and claiming that we’ve made changes to make this more difficult. We’d like to be clear that we did not make any across the board changes to reduce the drop rate, nor was it our intention to significantly increase the difficulty in acquiring these precursor weapons.


We did fix a few bugged recipes that were rewarding Legendary precursors more often than they should have been. These recipes were mostly using Rares in the level 70-75 range and mostly affected the precursors for the greatswords and the dagger. This has had some effect on the drop rate when using lower level rares to attempt to get a precursor but it was never intended for that to be the best way of acquiring these weapons. The recipes for throwing in level 80 exotics have not changed at all.


We have been watching the prices climbing on Legendary precursors and share your concerns about some of them becoming too expensive. We will continue to monitor the situation and will make any adjustments we feel are necessary.


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  • By Justin (not verified)

    Ich finde es nicht so schön dAS SOVIELE LEUTE VON gUILD WARS ! SPIELER ZU guild wars 2 gehen allerdings besser würde ich es auch finden wenn mann in beiden /beiden spielen die droprate erhöhen würde dann machen gw1 und gw 2 mdehr spass hoffe das wird mal wieder von arena net gemacht lieben gruß

    Jul 7. 2015
  • By Mbol (not verified)

    Hallo,wenn ich ein Visum ffcr New York beantragt habe (gfcltig bis 23.08.2013), ist das dann ffcr die gtaemesn USA gfcltig, oder mfcsste ich ffcr LA oder Las Vegas ein neues Visum beantragen?Danke ffcrhr Ihre Antwort.Hanna Pfcschel

    Dec 27. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    да ну в попу эти легендарки, еще собирать его несколько месяцев данунах!

    Oct 12. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    блин, легендарки вещь крутая конечно, но вчисто внешне просто безобразны =/

    Oct 12. 2012
  • By nikls (not verified)

    согласен! мне только посох понравился из всего увиденного

    Oct 12. 2012
  • By ghuyjfgh (not verified)

    we will see how it pans out, they said they are monitoring the situation and know, until they feel right to change something about it i will just wait. but it's their move. i am indifferent about the whole situation. if they do change it or not. i don't mind at all

    Oct 11. 2012
  • By hjuyg (not verified)

    i personally do not think the legendary precursors should be changed at all, and here it states they never increase its difficulty in acquiring in through the mystic forge but removed the Rares which is good. it is suppose to be difficult to obtain, and expensive as price goes up as everyone is trying to get their legendary for example in IoJ the Dusk Greatsword is currently at 280-300 gold. leave it at that as even the highest bid is over 200 things are fine as it is because i think like this, I do not want to see 30 people in LA with twilight, that alone makes it too easy to get for eveyrone and it wouldn't be legendary if everyone had the same thing. of corse its all hardwork and some help from others along the way. but prices will not drop, and changing the the RNG of recipe to obtain it shouldn't also

    Oct 11. 2012