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Mike Lewis: Breakthrough on Bot Issue

With the coming of GW2 Wintersday, ArenaNet again brought us good news: they had made breakthrough on Bot issue!


GW2, Bot


Mike Lewis, the security coordinator of GW2 releases an official blog and he said they finally found the way to control Bot issue effectively.


The article states that ArenaNet has banned over 34,000 bot accounts in November alone, but they have noticed a decrease in botting reports. He also thanks the community for helping out by reporting suspicious activity in-game. ——I believe you also make your own contribution:)


At the end of the blog, Mike Lewis again thanks players for their support and expresses their determination to deal with Bot issue.

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    Jan 7. 2014
  • By abercrombie (not verified)

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    Nov 27. 2013
  • By hjughj (not verified)

    Great job I would say. 30k + in a month is a rather impressive number, and seeing as both the number of reports and prices of the TP have changed quite much it is rather clearly that they actually have killed of a huge majority of the bots.

    Dec 20. 2012
  • By fgnjyhfg (not verified)

    In other words he`s saying thank you for doing our job ! Interesting he doesn`t mention who do those 34k accounts belong (or did belong) i can`t imagine gold farmers bought all that accounts. Also, even if their bot fighting team works, what`s up with that so called "economy" team that should oversee TP and prices in general (they are on paid leave?) !

    Dec 20. 2012
  • By ghyjgfj (not verified)

    Love the ranger clone screenshots. Also funny to trumpet the drop in bot reporting. As if hiding in the water or teleporting faster than anyone can report has nothing to do with that statistic.

    Dec 20. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    вселенская война: девелоперы проти ботов! лично я ставлю на ботов ХДД

    Dec 18. 2012
  • By Hunter (not verified)

    может все дело в том что не ботов стало меньше а игроков имхо

    Dec 18. 2012