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GW2 Wintersday Achievement-Cold Weather Friend Achievement Method

There are totally four tiers of Guild Wars 2 Wintersday achievement-Cold Weather Friend achievement. You can get 20 points when you finished per tier.

  Tier 1 – 5 Snowmen

  Tier 2 – 15 Snowmen

  Tier 3 – 30 Snowmen

  Tier 4 – 50 Snowmen


First, we will provide you with quickest and easiest completing method.

There are 3 Magic snow sites within Lion’s Arch. If there are overflows in Lion’s Arch, simply relog into another overflow. Otherwise, you can use an alt and repeat it again.

  1. South of Grand Plaza

  2. North of Trade’s Forum

  3. East of Black Lion Trading Company


GW2, Wintersday, Snowman


Racial Cities


Divinity’s Reach

  1. Minister’s Waypoint, near Dwayna Statue

  2. Grenth Waypoint, near Grenth Statue

  3. NW from Collapse Waypoint



Rata Sum

  1. Surface Level Metrical Court Waypoint

  2. Underground Level, Accountancy Waypoint

  3. Rata Sum Port Authority



The Grove

  1. Surface Level: Upper Commons Waypoint

  2. Underground Level (South)

  3. Depths Level (North, near Garden of Dawn)



Black Citadel

  1.West of Memorial Waypoint

  2.South-west of Mustering Ground

  3.West from Junker’s Waypoint




  1. NW of Might and Main Waypoint

  2. SE of Eastern Watchpost Waypoint

  3. West of Hero’s Compass Waypoint



World Zones



  1. Village of Shaemoor near bridge

  2. Claypool Waypoint

  3. Beeletun Waypoint



Kessex Hills

  1. Fort Salma

  2. Ireko Tradecamp Waypoint

  3. South of Darkwound Waypoint



Gendarran Fields

  1. Nebo Terrace Waypoint

  2. Ascalon Settlement Waypoint

  3. South of Vigil Keep Waypoint



Harathi Hinterlands

  1. NW of Seraph’s Landing Waypoint

  2. SE of Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint

  3. South of Grey Gritta’s Waypoint



Magumma Jungle

 Metrica Province

  1. East of Soren Draa Waypoint

  2. Desider Atum Waypoint

  3. SW of Hexane Renegade Waypoint



Caledon Forest

  1. NE of Astorea Waypoint

  2. North of Gleaner’s Cove Waypoint

  3. Mabon Market Waypoint



Brisban Wildlands

  1. East of Mirkrise Waypoint

  2. South of Gallowfields Waypoint




 Diessa Plateau

  1. West of Nolan Waypoint

  2. NE of Dawnright Estate Waypoint

  3. West of Redreave Mill Waypoint



Plains of Ashford

  1. NW of Ashford Waypoint

  2. North from Temperus Point Waypoint

  3. South of Smokestead Waypoint



Fields of Ruin

  1. Ebonhawke

  2. Deathblade’s Watch Waypoint



Shiverpeak Mountains

 Wayfarer Foothills

  1. North of Horncall Waypoint

  2. Zelechor Hot Spring Waypoint

  3. East of Taigan Waypoint



Snowden Drifts

  1. Snowhawk Landing Waypoint

  2. North of Isenfall Waypoint

  3. Next to vista near Skradden Waypoint



Lornar’s pass

  1. West of Thunderhorns Waypoint

  2. Vanjir’s Stead Waypoint

  3. North of Demon’s Maw Waypoint


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  • By fthgdfh (not verified)

    I travelled the world looking for them instead; it was great fun! One may find them near almost all larger settlements of people.

    Dec 20. 2012
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    ивент офигенный вышел, жаль скоро закончится жизньболь

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