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GW2 Christmas Event, New Scene Snow Area First Exposure

GW2 Wintersday is formally beginning. From the public pictures we can see that, the scenes are full of the atmosphere of Christmas Festival, and all area is decorated with snow. In the game, characters are wearing thick overcoats. Regarding snowman, fancy lantern, and sleigh, you can see them here and there in the game.


In addition, players can receive Wintersday quests in the scenes of Lion’s Arch and Kamadan, in order to obtain special quest rewards of Wintersday.


GW2, Christmas, Wintersday






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  • By Гость (not verified)

    супер ивент! очень радует после дохленького хэлоуина! особенно нравится как изменили игровой мир.

    Dec 18. 2012
  • By MK (not verified)

    персы в пальто просто картина маслом - генерал Кутузов с невестушкой!

    Dec 18. 2012