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GW2 Beginner’s Guide--10 FAQ for Everyday

We start to collect Guild Wars 2 beginner’s FAQ today so that beginners will be able to start the game as soon as possible.




1. Gold and Gem can interconvert to each other.


2. Characters in the same account can use the Gem.


3. You can store you money in the storage.


4. Characters in the same account share the items in the storage.


5. There are 2 tabs in the storage panel; one is used to store materials.


6. There’s a “locked icon” in the bottom right corner of the Inventory page. You can spend 600 Gem (less than 2 gold according to current situation) to expand to 30 slots.


7. You can spend 400 Gem (around 1 gold) to expand your bag slot.


8. The materials you use for crafting will be taken out from the storage directly (after the patch on Sep 7th).


9. You can treat the crafting port as storage.


10. In the mini map, you can draw by pressing Shift+left button and drag. All team members will be able to see what you draw. It’s a useful tool for guiding the team.


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