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Guild Wars 2 will have Single Player Version?

There will be a single player version of Guild Wars 2? Recently, developers of ArenaNet visited China and they discussed with their Chinese agent for 7 days. When Jason Roberts, Product Director of Guild Wars 2 talked about the plans for the follow up version, he revealed a lot of important information, including the free single player version of Guild Wars 2’s unique PVP system and some other parts. And they will hold worldwide PVP tournament.


Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, Jason Roberts, PVP


ArenaNet also disclosed many other updates, among which there are more than 20 gameplay systems. I will share you something you may be interested.


Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, Jason Roberts, PVP


 “Monomer Active Dynamic Event”


Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, Jason Roberts, PVP


Currently in Guild Wars 2, the Dynamic Event is everywhere. However, no one is triggered for single player, except when you are in a dungeon. In the follow up version, there will be a lot of “Monomer Active Dynamic Events”. These events are triggered for single players.


Player-customized PVP system


Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, Jason Roberts, PVP


The customized PVP system contains many contents. For example, for the PVP type, you can set it as survival mode or challenge mode, multiple players vs. multiple players or single play vs. single player, best of five or best of three.


First expansion


Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet, Jason Roberts, PVP


In 2013, Guild Wars 2 will have its first expansion. What we are sure is, there will be new class. However, we don’t know the exact date of the expansion and the details of the new class. I am sure the new expansion will surprise us.

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  • By ftghfgh (not verified)

    I thought they're gonna learn from Guild Wars and make a decent mmo, but they're back with that single BS again.

    Dec 25. 2012
  • By dfgdfh (not verified)

    take a step back and think... if they introduce a single player mode then it will be like phantasy Star Online or Diablo 2.. there should be a multiplayer portion... this is where players can enjoy more of a story with their game rather a game where its an instant drop into a world with other people who might ruin the game for them if anything i think expanding the idea of the guild war franchise with an single player will make some sales... i know i would get it

    Dec 25. 2012