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Guild Wars 2 Update Notes—January 4th

Wintersday in Guild Wars 2 has ended, and the residents of Lion’s Arch are tidying up, humming those bell-choir tunes as they work! They savor their memories of snowball fights, presents, toys, and Toymaker Tixx! And so the Lion’s Arch Council sends one last merry wish that the joy you felt at Wintersday will last all year long! Happy New Year!


Guild Wars 2, Wintersday


The Wintersday Merchant will remain in Lion’s Arch for a while longer, allowing players to continue to exchange gifts.



Shatter skills now share a global 0.25 second recharge, to prevent multiple shatter effects triggering on the same illusion.


Shattered Strength: This trait now grants 1 stack of might per illusion shattered.



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  • By Priyanka (not verified)

    Hi Kekai,I've been waiting for this day when you talk about your arwtrok for a long time. And seeing this trailer... a sense of justica made to you and Anet artteam. You've done an amazing job. Art made alive, pure awesomeness!Fril

    Apr 30. 2014