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Guild Wars 2 Rare Recipe: How to craft Volcanus

I believe you’ve all experienced the expensive price in Guild Wars 2. Legendary weapons are farther and farther away from us. If you are an arcade player and don’t care about legendary weapons, there are some cool weapons for you, including the rare weapons we shared previously. Today we will share the cool Greatsword Volcanus with you.


Though comparing with legendary weapons, Volcanus is much simpler. Its crafting price is over 500 gold. It’s not cheap at all. Now let’s see the ingredients together:



        eldritch scroll *1

        Mystic coin *100

        vial of Liquid flame *1

        molten lodestone *250


Vial of Liquid flame ingredients:

        Ghost Pepper *250

        molten lodestone *100

        Gift of Baelfire *1 (exchanged with 500*cof dungeon token)

        Destroyer Lodestone *100


350 Lodestone is already expensive enough. However, it’s worth the price since the sculpt is so cool! Let’s have a look at the sculpt together!


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