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Guild Wars 2 Nude Previews?


Today, we provide you with shock information in Guild Wars 2. Just use the preview codes, you can hide the sets, and then you can see the nude effects of the characters.


PS: Without any patches, absolutely self-effect in the game.


Preview codes of four sets:



Copy the code into the game, and click the right mouse to preview, and you can see the effect as follows,


Guild Wars 2, Nude


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  • By Musa (not verified)

    To give you a better idea, 1 week of sueoirs gameplay will get you around level 80. (serious being approx 5-6 hours a day). I hit 80 as the 5th person in my guild to do so, an I only ground out a dynamic event chain for some of the drops for my crafting. (about 3 times). The truth is, at level 30, once you unlock your elite skills, its really the start of endgame. After that is just leveling to unlock more skill options and to get traits. (which are mostly a minor effect to the game). Just have fun doing what you like, and you will level appropriately.

    May 1. 2014
  • By Spid3r (not verified)

    Не работает. После отправки в чат нельзя примерить эту одежду, потому что она только для асур.

    Jan 15. 2013