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Guild Wars 2 Introduction of the New Item Orrian Jewelry Box

After yesterday’s Guild Wars 2 update, many Karma merchants in the Ruins of Orr sell a new orange item Orrian Jewelry Box. You can purchase this item in three maps of Ruins of Orr (Straits of Devastation, Malchor’s Leap, and Cursed Shores). It’s priced at 4,500 Karma.


Guild Wars 2, Ruins of Orr, Orrian Jewelry Box


You have chances to get the following items after using it:

1. Liquid Karma, 3 types in total:

    Vial of Liquid Karma – 400 karma/each

    Taste of Liquid Karma – 1,700 karma/each

    Swigs of Liquid Karma – 3,000 karma/each

2. Obsidian Shard: less than 20% chance to get it

3. Different kinds of Lodestones: very low chance to get them

4. Mini pet Risen Priest of Balthazar binding to your account. Below is its model:


Guild Wars 2, Ruins of Orr, Risen Priest of Balthazar


5. Transmutation potions binding to your account


Cold Potion

Charged Potion

Hard Potion, it will transmute Elementalist’s earth element as in the following picture:


Guild Wars 2, Ruins of Orr, Hard Potion


6. Items with unknown usage which priced at less than 1 silver in the auction house

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