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Guild Wars 2 Got New Award

In the end of 2012, all the game Medias provide us with the collection of the games, and choose the best games. The famous game information website Massively, gave us the best online game of 2012, let’s see it together.


Guild Wars 2

The best MMO of 2012


Comment: Guild Wars 2 is a great game, with many strong points, and let the players immersing in it. The Secret World gave us an impressive number of nominations though its sales volume does not very good.


Best Expansion of 2012


Comment: RIFT's Storm Legion, the expansion of Rift: Planes of Telara is very valuable, adding two new continents, four new souls, and various new contents. EVE Online's Retribution has added many interesting gameplay styles. The appearance of Bounty Hunter let the game be more playable.


Best Non-Traditional MMO of 2012


Comments:  PlanetSide 2 can be called the best FPS online game. It is very interesting and worth playing. No matter what kind of selection, Torchlight 2 should be on the list, as it is so wonderful.


Most Underrated MMO of 2012


Comment: The Secret World, with lots of innovations, is considered as the most fashion online game this year. Because that most of the players were familiar with old gameplay method, they missed the new work, The Secret World. Regard to Star Wars, was built up to be a masterpiece by the media, actually its gameplay mode was very old, though its story lines and dubbing voices were not bad.


Most Anticipated for 2013 and Beyond


Comment: Wildstar is anticipated by the players with its unique American comic’s styles and hummers here and there. ArcheAge is a special work with its features.


Best MMO Studio of 2012


Comment: SOE has created many excellent games, including Ever Quest, Ever Quest 2 and PlanetSide 2. They are really very excellent. However, AreaNet has created Guild Wars, and later provided us more wonderful Guild Wars 2, and it is harder to do that.


Best Mobile MMO of 2012


Comment: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is very good video game. Kingdoms of Amalur: OL seems to have good perspective, but no one can forecast that the company would go bankrupt? Most players and EA expected Kingdoms of Amalur: OL can challenge World of Warcraft. In the end, it has lost many players for one year and opened for free later.

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  • By norr (not verified)

    поздравляю всех! вот насчет The Secret World не понял совсем, не знаком с игрой совсем, теперь любопытно за что так недооценили

    Dec 24. 2012
  • By Vlad (not verified)

    странная номинация - самая ожидаемая игра 2013, будет забавно если это игра уже в 2013 плучит премию "провал года" Х)

    Dec 24. 2012