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Guild Wars 2 Client Update on Dec 21st

ArenaNet updated Guild Wars 2 on Dec 21st. They made some corrections on Wintersday event, changed the requirement to accomplish achievements and fixed a bug of wvw.


Guild Wars 2, Update on Dec 21st



Changed the “Toypocalypse Cancelled” achievement so that only one gift dolyak needs to survive the activity instead of all five.

Fixed an issue that prevented Pop Guns from playing the correct audio and visual effects.

Toymaker Tixx’s Chests have been removed. Instead, all players will receive an in-game mail containing the Wintersday finale one-time rewards upon logging in during the Wintersday event. Please note: only one reward will be given per account.

Fixed a bug in Winter Wonderland that would occasionally cause players to be teleported to Lion’s Arch on success.



Fixed an exploit that allowed players to bypass walls in the East Keep in the borderlands to get into the keep lord room.

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