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Guild Wars 2 Adopts Multiple Methods to Protect Your Account Security

To Guild Wars 2, 2012 is the harvest year. With the persistently overheating of the game, more and more security problems came across. Mike O’Brien, the president of ArenaNet gave his own opinion regard to the account security as follows, 



Most of the security advice we’ve all seen through the years has focused on how to choose a strong password. You might therefore think that the primary way hackers break into accounts is by preying on accounts with weak passwords, perhaps scanning every word in the dictionary looking for matches. That’s rarely the case. The basic truth is this: hackers steal game accounts because they already know the account name and password. They know them because they stole them (via security breaches or spyware) from another game or site where the person used the same account name and password. For example, account name “”, password “alligator101″. If they don’t get a match immediately, they may try a variant like “alligator100″ or “alligator102″, then they quickly move on to the next entry on their list. And it’s interesting to see that the passwords on these lists are mostly quite good passwords. For every one account on the hackers’ lists with a password like “twilight” (real example), there are dozens of accounts with good strong passwords. So the world at large clearly knows how to pick good passwords; the reason people are still getting hacked is because they use the same passwords on multiple sites.



In the end, Mike O’Brien introduced multiple methods to protect your account security, such as Email Validation and Dual Identity. He warned the players that, pay attention to Online Fishing, Pretending to be staff, Wooden Horse and Spyware, and Email Security

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  • By sdegrdfg (not verified)

    Hopefully they actually get key fob authenticators for those of us that either don't have cell phones, or don't want our account linked to our cell / home phones.

    Dec 25. 2012
  • By fdhgf (not verified)

    Thats a pretty awesome announcement they made, shows there taking security seriously and tackling the problem.

    Dec 25. 2012
  • By dsrgf (not verified)

    Looks like they are doing something about this despite what the vocal minority have been saying. The blacklist system seems to be particularly effective and I suggest we all heed to Mr. O'Brien and do what he says about changing passwords.

    Dec 25. 2012
  • By Dividor (not verified)

    я наверно буду лежать на смертном одре, а девы ГВ2 будут все еще бороться с взломкой акков ==

    Dec 24. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    все так просто Х)) да у меня каждый знакомый тогда хакер)

    Dec 24. 2012