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Guard Your Homeland, Combat You Must Attend in Guild Wars 2

Different with all the other games you have ever seen, monsters in Guild Wars 2 are with great wisdom. They try to invade and destroy Tyria continent all the time. Human, Norn and Asura all lost their homeland. The remaining land is still attacked by the monsters now and then. This is the combat you must attend, as it’s a combat to guard the homeland.




In Guild Wars 2, whether monsters siege depends on many aspects. Probably it’s a mob you killed on your way, or it’s just because of the weather change. Anyway, you cannot predict the time and target when monsters start to attack. The most important thing is you must attend all these combats.



The siege monsters will not disappear when you run away or as time goes by. If you don’t clear all the monsters, they will occupy the city. And the city will be marked as enemy-occupied area.



Accordingly, other players have to undertake the result of losing their homeland. The player’s quest, experience and even personal development will be affected, no matter in a good way or bad way.



So in Guild Wars 2, no matter where you are, whenever you encounter monsters siege, you have to attend the combat, because you are doing this to guard your own homeland.



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