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Fine Game Screenshots Show - Ranger

When reaching the top level in GW2, the goal of some players will be the perfect appearance. Honestly speaking, the legendary weapons are just for their appearance, and all beautiful things are the force that all players log in the game every day. Today, we will share some beautiful medium sets, and let’s appreciate the handsome rangers together.






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  • By Odinaka (not verified)

    hey V. I have just have to say that while I was listening to the show and T and M joiend forces against you, I had your back!The worst was to hear Jason (who you should have taken the opportunity to fire at that point) took their side as well!Pancakes are the best. Especially is you have my family recipe!PANCAKES ARE THE FUTURE!heheae

    Dec 28. 2012
  • By klop (not verified)

    не фанат рейнджера, и да согласен серовато как то, больше нравятся оранжевые или красные сеты

    Nov 30. 2012