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Cost of Crafting Legendary Weapons

The prices of the following legendary item materials in Guild Wars 2 are based on the current market. As the prices change anytime, some may be different from the current prices. You have to combine the prices of general part and non general part together.


General part (Since Four-Leaf Clover contains random materials, the actual cost will be cheaper)

- Reach top level for 2 crafting professions

- 500 dungeon tokens

- 500 medals dropped in WvW

- Gift of Exploration

- About 352.8 skill points

- About 1,024,800 karma

-20 (gift recipes) + 100 (Icy Runestone) + 69 (about 488 Globs of Ectoplasm) + 29 (400 for each of the 8 blue materials) + 113 (about 238 Mystic Coins) =331G


Non general part (apart from the dungeon tokens, order by price, format legendary: price of precursor weapons + price of materials = total price)

- Trident Kraitkin: 15+31=46G

- Focus the Minstrel: 27+40=67G

- Warhorn Howler: 50+36=86G

- SpearKamohoali: 32+64=96G

- Mace the Moot: 40+63=103G

- Longbow Kudzu: 130+56=186G

- Pistol Quip: 165+56=221G

- Harpoon Frenzy: 30+204=234G

- Scepter Meteorlogicus: 75+173=248G

- Torch Rodgort: 35+261=296G

- Shield the Flameseeker Prophecies: 190+146=336G

- Short Bow the Dreamer: 300+44=344G

- Staff the Bifrost: 360+13=373G

- Axe Frostfang: 230+164=394G

- Rifle the Predator: 265+154=419G

- Sword Bolt: 230+206=436G

- Hammer The Juggernaut: 300+158=458G

- Greatsword Twilight: 325+162=487G

- Dagger Incinerator: 300+270=570G

- Greatsword Sunrise: 385+192=577G


Lastly we will provide you with the crafting recipes for the known legendary items:

Guild Wars 2 Legendary Items I

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