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Limited Classes with Unlimited Skills

Dear Guild Wars 2 players, supporters and those who concern about Guild Wars 2:


In many games, one class has only one set of skills. And characters have to upgrade gradually to train profession skills. In Guild Wars 2, the rule is overturned. With limited classes and unlimited skills, Guild Wars 2 sets no restrictions on skills and weapons for each class.



In the world of Tyria, you don’t have to train skills at NPCs, because character skills are depend on your weapons. Take Ranger as example, when he is equipped with longbow, Ranger will master 4 longbow skills automatically. However, these skills cannot be used immediately. You have to gradually increase your skill experience when use the skills and unlock the skills. Once you unlock all the skills, even if you equip other longbows later, you don’t have to train the skills again. And if you equip with shortbow, your skills will be switched to 4 shortbow skills. It’s very convenient.


Weapons decide skills. Guild Wars 2 presents a different world to players with its unusual settings. Here you can see a Ranger carrying Great Sword on his back and a Thief holding two guns which totally overturn your game view. A class can be geared with different kinds of weapons. That means you can experience multiple class skills. Maybe a moment ago you fight against enemies with melee weapons and next minute, you switch to ranged weapons and start ranged attack. To realize it, you only have to switch your weapons.



Apart from weapon skills, in Guild Wars 2 you can use exploration spots to train all kinds of secondary skills such as recovery skills, trap skills, etc. You can select whatever skills you want. You can refer to other players’ builds or select according to your own preference. In the world of Tyria, you decide your own skills!





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  • By rtik (not verified)

    насколько я знаю така яфишка имеется не только у гэвэ

    Nov 27. 2012
  • By Гость (not verified)

    непонятно к чему пост, но да ладно,этим гв2 и впрямь может хвастануть

    Nov 27. 2012