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Guild Wars 2 WvW Rank of Last Week: SBI Ranks No. 1 in NA Wolrds


WvW is a very important part of Guild Wars 2. Newbie may know little about WvW. However, many achievements have to be gained from WvW. So you have to pay some attention to it.


Actually the purpose ArenaNet prolongs the restriction of switching servers to once per seven days is to prevent WvW rank from being affected by large turnover. The major force of WvW is large guilds. Players without any guilds are not able to fight in the battles. Now let’s have a look at the WvW rank of last week!



What will be this week’s rank? Let’s wait!


EU Worlds:





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    Arborstone самый лучший сервак, дружнее и дружелюбнее не видел еще

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